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jQuery as an organization

I got interested in jquery because I saw that Drupal had officially adopted it as their drop-in javascript library. Drupal is at the forefront of the open-source CMS world, and I've got a lot of respect for their design decisions and their community.

So when I needed a javascript/ajax library at work for a little project I was working on, I looked into jquery and started using it for it. So far I'm very impressed, though truth be told I'm a total noob to javascript. It's essentially a library that alters the way javascript interacts with the DOM, along with some advanced functions like map and grep.

I do see a couple problems with jquery as an "organization" however:

* Mail list as the primary method of communication: I mean, come on! Forums are by far superior to this.
* Fragmented plugins: We need a centralized plugin repository.
* Better documentation: Don't get me wrong. Visual jQuery is very nice as an api reference, but I'd like to see more complete examples and sample usage.

Honestly, we just need to port the website over to a Drupal platform and be done with it. isn't a bad idea, and it's a great example of trying to "do it right" without usurping authority. jQuery has hit the big time now (it will get much larger as Drupal 5 comes out) and it's time to lay the framework to accommodate that growth.

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