To advocate the use of jQuery on the web.

Whats happening with

If you have signed up here, you may have noticed that currently there is not much happening here. Well, it's not that things have been abandoned, there is a reason behind it.

Last week, John Resig got in touch with me about rather than created 2 sites for jQuery, combining the efforts here with what is happening over at and created a jQuery "Supersite" where the community can come together and help create something a bit special.

There is a lot of similarity in what's happening on both sites, and currently we are discussing a lot of things - so please bare with us. Button Button

A rough and ready button. Feel free to use it to help promote the site:

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Simple Example

jQuery's most interesting characteristic is it's ability to "find" something on the page using CSS or XPath.

$(" a:first").addClass("bar")
This would select the first anchor link inside all DIVs that have a class of foo and add a class called bar. So if you have 10 divs with that class name and 5 links in each div, you would add the "bar" class to 10 links.

For capabilities see:

Welcome to

Hello, and welcome to - the new site for the jQuery community.

So now you've come to this site, you'll probably be wondering what it's all about? Well simply the aim is to build a community of jQuery evangelists to help spread the word about what jQuery really is, and it's simple yet powerful API.

Yes, the site is a little bare but it was only launched today! The first stage is to gather a team of willing people to come up with elements of this site:

  • Come up with a uninque design based around the Drupal CMS
  • Come up with unique content that represents what jQuery is all about.
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